steamed crab legs in an oval white bowl with a seafood cracker

Steamed Crab Legs

 I usually buy snow crab legs frozen in 2- or 3-lbs bags to split into two meals… but I confess, I can put away 2 lbs of crab legs without batting an eye.  Commonly served at all-you-can-eat buffets, they’re usually boiled before being tossed onto the steam tables. Do yourself a favor: don’t boil these beauties, steam them. Boiling leeches out some of the flavor, especially if they sit in the water too long.

4 pounds snow crab legs
Old Bay Seasoning

8-quart pot, with lid
steamer basket, or metal colander

1. Break apart frozen crab legs at the joints. Lightly season with Old Bay.
2. Fill pot with water about 2 inches deep. Place steamer inside pot. (The water line should not rise above the bottom of the steamer).
3. Place seasoned crab legs in the steamer, cover, and cook over medium heat until shells turn bright red — about 20 minutes.

• Snow crab legs are usually sold frozen in the fish market or supermarket. No need to defrost them prior to cooking.

30 minutes

2 servings

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