close-up photo of H. Weal, co-author of The Weal MealI don’t have a recipe for a traditional liquid salsa because I prefer the fresh taste of this simple blend of chopped vegetables. (Though I suppose all one would have to do is pulse in a food processor a couple times to turn this into a chunky sauce…? Anyway…) This salsa is spicy – I’d say equal to a “medium” in jarred salsa brands. To bring it down to “mild”, discard the white membrane of the jalapeño before mincing. Also, I should point out that the chopped purple bits in the photo are shallots. At the time I shot this image, all my onions were too large (and I hate to leave half an onion behind, if I can help it). — H. Weal

1 pound tomatoes, minced (about 2 large)
1 medium (4-ounce) onion, minced
1 large (2 ounces) jalapeño pepper, minced
1 small bunch (2 ounces) cilantro, chopped
2 tablespoons lime juice
1 teaspoon kosher salt

cutting board
chef’s knife
medium (3-quart) mixing bowl
mixing spoon
fine mesh strainer
medium (1-quart) storage bowl with lid

1. Combine all ingredients in mixing bowl. Mix well. Strain.
2. Transfer to storage bowl. Cover tightly and let stand at least 10 minutes (to allow flavors to blend).

• 1 lime yields about 2 tablespoons lime juice
• If using bottled unsweetened lime juice, check that the ingredient list does not include lime oil, which tends to make the juice taste more like floor cleaner than fruit.

25 minutes

1 quart