Oven Roasted Bacon

My family of four is evenly split between early birds (me and our eldest) and night owls (my husband and our youngest), so we don’t typically eat breakfast together. But whenever those occasions crop up where we all have to be on the same schedule, Oven Roasted Bacon helps us get coordinated. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it… Continue reading Oven Roasted Bacon

Spiced Banana Bread

My family likes bananas, but no matter how small a bunch we buy, we can never seem to get to the last one before it goes brown. One overripe banana is just perfect for tossing into a smoothie. But on the rare occasions when several have been neglected, I make banana bread. My recipe is… Continue reading Spiced Banana Bread

Pan Fried Codfish

One of my favorite childhood memories is getting up at dawn and going to the renowned Fulton Fish Market with my mother to buy fish, fresh off the boats. We lived nearby so we would walk down the quiet, empty cobblestone streets near the market until we reached the bustle of fishmongers and shoppers.  Mom… Continue reading Pan Fried Codfish