Category: Quick Bread

Snack Size Carrot Cakes

snack size carrot cakes

I bought a huge bag of frozen smoothie mix on a whim and wound up not liking the combination of produce it contained. Not one to waste food—especially in the middle of a global pandemic—I used it up anyway, setting aside the most offending ingredient—the carrots—to save for a future recipe. Attempting my first carrot

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Spiced Pumpkin Bread

two slices of spiced pumpkin bread cut away from the loaf on a wooden surface

This is my go-to dish for autumn potlucks. I almost always bring this to Thanksgiving or Halloween-themed office parties and Fall Festival school bake sales. This is by design; originally, I was not really a fan of pumpkin, but sought to learn a recipe with this flavor, to contribute something fitting for the season. But

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