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Whole Wheat Corn Muffins

closeup of corn muffins in a muffin pan

Muffins are the best. Perfect as a light breakfast, warm and slathered with butter and topped with a dollop of jam. Great as a snack on the go. A shareable, perfectly portioned treat that can easily be served contactless in these physically-distanced times. And muffins made out of cornbread are especially wonderful—they aren’t as sweet

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Sweet Cornbread

sweet cornbread, with a slice removed, in a cast-iron skillet on a wooden surface

I grew up using store-bought mix for cornbread and muffins but they always tasted a little flat to me, like something was missing.  Eventually I learned how to make cornbread from scratch, and of course, it’s so much better than any commercially made mix. Take note that the picture shows cornbread in one of my favorite

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