Here you’ll find some fast, easy, and most of all — tasty — versions of recipes for the everyday home cook.

All of the recipes have a short section called “Notes & Tips” at the bottom that you’ll want to check before getting started. We’ve both had the experience of getting so caught up in trying out a new recipe that we started on it and then found that we were missing an ingredient or had ignored a crucial step halfway through! So we wanted to create this little section in our recipes that might provide some guidance around common cooking mishaps.

And please take a look at our exclusive section of Simple, Easy, and Quick, or SEQ, recipes. These are a compilation of recipes that require no more than 5 ingredients, 5 steps, or 5 minutes to prepare. Many of these are recipes for meal “components”, such as sauces and side dishes — the building blocks of a good meal. Nail these, and you’ll have the means to create a wide variety of satisfying fare.

Happy Eating!

“Frustra fit per plura, quod potest fieri per pauciora.”– William of Ockham
[It is pointless to do with more what can be done with fewer.]