herbes de Provence in an open glass spice jar on a wooden counter

Herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence is a mixture of common French herbs used to flavor savory dishes, such as Forty Garlic Chicken. Although this mix has a fancy name, you don’t have to save it for elaborate dishes; the flavors are a good complement for many poultry or pork dishes. There are several different recipes for this blend – many of which contain lavender, in honor of the lavender fields Provence is famous for. My version does not. I love the look and smell of flowers, but I’d rather not eat them. 🙂

1 tablespoon dried thyme
1 tablespoon dried basil
1 tablespoon dried rosemary
1/2 tablespoon dried marjoram
1/2 tablespoon dried oregano
1/2 tablespoon dried tarragon

measuring spoons
spice jar

1. Crush dried rosemary leaves into smaller pieces, then add to spice jar.
2. Add remaining spices and seal with lid. Shake to mix.

• Rosemary leaves don’t break down much during cooking, so crushing them in this mix will allow their flavor to blend with the other ingredients.

less than 5 minutes

4 1/2 tablespoons

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